Strong Returns Campus Events

To launch Strong Returns, we are going on a campus tour of the South to spotlight and prefigure the encounter → storytelling → agenda model of campus prison reform by:

(a) facilitating encounters between student ambassadors and people involved with the prison system;

(b) working with student ambassadors to provide a platform for returning citizens to share their story in a campus event to activate students; and

(c) tune attendees in to the developing Millennial Prison Reform Agenda.

Strong Returns campus events are designed to highlight to students different parts of the prison system — from inmates to returning citizens; from prison reform groups to criminal justice scholars — to which they could reach out in the coming years. They aim to spark the creation of continuing campus groups that serve as a bridge between their campus and the local prison and reentry community.

Strong Returns 2015 Spring Tour Schedule
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 3.55.35 PM December and January: Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD
Late January: Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA
Early February: University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Late February: Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Early March: Auburn University, Auburn, AL
Late March: Samford College, Birmingham, AL
Early April: University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
Late April: Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA
Early May: Ferguson, MO

Host a Campus Event or Launch a Campus Group

We aim for every campus in America to have a student organization devoted to creating a bridge between their campus and the local prison and reentry community. Campus events that show students the various ways to start building that bridge can serve as a spark to the creation of these continuing organizations.

Campus events can be as easy as a documentary viewing, as simple as inviting a returning citizen to speak and participate in a live “Ask Me Anything” about prison and reentry, and as hip as a TEDx-like campus prison reform speakers series… anything to turn your classmates on to making prison reform your campus’ issue in the 2016 election. Even campus organizations that start small – holding occasional discussions, bringing in a speaker every so often – serve as foundations for the creation of more lasting campus-to-prison bridges: courses taught in prisons alongside inmates, degree programs for inmates, sustained service and community relationships with local returning citizen groups, and student campaigns for state policy changes. And remember: we’ll help expand your impact by featuring your event or organization on our Strong Returns network.

To join us at an event on our Spring 2015 tour, to host your own Strong Returns event on your campus, or to discuss forming a campus-to-prison bridge group on your campus, contact or use the form below:

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