Strong Returns hits Georgetown

Strong Returns hosted its first campus event last week at Georgetown University in Marc Howard‘s Prisons and Punishment course. We shared our mission of making prison reform the Millennial generation’s issue in the 2016 election, as well as our mini-documentaries about William T. Lawson, who was incarcerated for over thirty years.

The best part of the event were speeches from three returning citizens who work to make positive change in Washington, D.C.:

1. William Lawson, who was featured in an oral history posted earlier:

2. Ricky Bryant, a member of D.C.’s National Homecomers Academy:

3. Elvin Slim Johnson, also a member of D.C.’s National Homecomers Academy:

Stay tuned for the dates and locations of Strong Returns’ upcoming campus events.

“Nothing For Us Without Us”: William T. Lawson’s Story

Strong Returns just finished its first oral history of prison and reentry, shown at Georgetown University to 45 students and featuring community change-agent William T. Lawson:

In the short, William T. Lawson describes growing up in D.C., his time incarcerated, and his work with the National Homecomers Academy.

To find out more about National Homecomers Academy, visit:

Strong Returns has launched!

The moment for Millennial prison reform is now! Strong Returns has launched to help you get involved. Here’s four minutes on how Strong Returns is planning on making prison reform the Millennial generation’s issue in the 2016 elections:

This will only work if Millennials like you join up. We hope you can start this generation-wide prison reform conversation by sharing this video with your friends and stay in the loop by liking our Facebook page, following our Youtube channel for future videos, and subscribing to the email bulletin. To get involved yourself, contact us here.